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Here we analyse your website meta and body tags as well as the keyword consistency throughout. The text to HTML ratio is checked as a percentage and the image ALT attributes scanned for errors. We check for websites linking to the website, commonly knows as backlinks and the on page and broken links. Finally the files for robots and sitemap are located and a test for analytics is performed.
We test the performance of a website by scanning and analysing information present on the website iteself. We are looking at the speed the website takes to load pages, how fast the server responds and how long it takes for all scripts to fire and complete. You will see from the report that we test whether files are minified and compressed for optimization and finally will show you a breakdown by technology.
Usability and Mobile readiness are essential to ensuring a good user experience on your site. As part of our audit we will render your website and display it on mobile and tablet to test how responsive it is. We will also test if the font sizes on your website are legible and the tap areas are optimal in size and performance. A great user experience is essential with more and more traffic now coming from mobile devices.


Social Activity is important for brand awareness and repeat visitors. We check the website has social accounts connected and the number of followers, shares and comments about the website. Once the information has been gathered and analysed, we make recommendations for social improvement if required.


Security is important to ensure the site doesn't get compromised and experience data loss or downtime. We are checking whether critical software is up to date on the websites hosting server. Any security certificates installed on the website are checked for validity and errors and we also inspect the email privacy of the website, to help protect against spammers.


Our audit check inspects all the software installed on the website and provides a clear list in the resulting report along with the version numbers. The IP address, DNS servers and the identity of the server is also shown. This makes identifying and removing or updating software a much easier process.

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we will make our


Once our analysis of the website is completed, which takes less than 1 minute, we will display the report in real-time. At the bottom of the report is a recommendations section, and here you will find our recommendations that we believe will improve the performance of the website across all the areas covered above and in the report. We list our recommendations in the order of urgency at which the tasks should be completed

Our SEO audit tool is a completely free service and you are under no obligation to engage Zirch to help with your SEO campaigns. We like to think that our team of SEO experts, our customer service and our competitive pricing packages make us your number one choice for your SEO requirements.

In todays fast moving world of technology, social media and smart phones it is more important than ever for your business to be able to reach customers at their point of search. With a campaign such as a local SEO campaign, the monthly investment it costs will lead to a great return on investment for the long term. There is no better 'customer' to your website than an organic one. Whilst a PPC campaign will give immediate results and a flow of visitors to your website, as soon as your budget runs out or you stop the campaign, the visitors will stop with it. SEO and PPC campaigns are great running side by side as you can reduce the budget of the PPC campaign as your organic traffic increases from the SEO work we are carrying out for you. "SEO specialists use metrics to monitor rankings, detect an issue, or measure the health of a website. However, websites do not always leverage the same set of metrics. Each website has its own unique metrics that serve as a benchmark for SEO strategies" Our core SEO methodologies are proven to work for clients just like you and our team of SEO experts have over 20 years experience between them and are always staying up to date with the latest industry changes. If you would like to know more about our core methodologies, you will find an entire section within our help desk. "The reason for engaging Zirch for your SEO campaigns is simple. We utilise market leading SEO methodologies designed to give great results. If you want more customers and more sales then you need an SEO campaign" If you are ready to proceed with an SEO campaign then you can Get started now, if you have further questions please feel free to reach out to us by phone or online support and a member of our team will answer any questions you may have and talk you through the process. Once you have perfromed an audit on your own website, run one for your competitors website and see how they rank compared to you. Most of all, relax about any SEO work that your website may require. Our team work on SEO campaigns daily and will take care of everything for you, allowing you to reap the rewards and dominate your industry.

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