So, you own a restaurant or a takeaway business and whilst cooking and providing hungry customers with mouth-watering meals is your speciality, building, managing, hosting or even contemplating a website for your restaurant really isn’t. So, you take the easy way out and accept a website from Just Eat or Hungry House! Great, you have a website and an internet presence, right? Your customers will be able to find you and place orders online, contact you easily and become an ambassador for their favourite restaurant, you!

Wrong, how very wrong indeed!

Let’s break it down into bite size pieces (pun intended)

Your internet presence and search results on popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo will remain only if your relationship with either Just Eat or Hungry House does. So, if you stop working with your chosen food ordering platform then you lose your website. Not good at all! If you create your own restaurant website, you’re in control of it permanently no matter your relationship with any of the food ordering platforms.

Whose brand and business is your Just Eat or Hungry House website really promoting? Let’s be honest about this for a moment and take a closer look. You spend years advertising in the local papers, pounding the streets delivering leaflets, doing your best to get great customer reviews to ensure word of mouth growth. Then you announce to your hard-fought social media following, that you have a sparkling new website. Your customers are happy as they can now order online, but will they remain your customer for much longer?

The only way customers can order online is by using the services of Just Eat or Hungry House as they are powering your website, this means they must give their details to one of the portals and in fact become a customer of theirs and not yours!

Commence the marketing.

Now ‘your customer’ will be sent regular communication offering all kinds of different cuisines from local restaurants, which in turn may lead to them ordering from a competitor of yours through Just Eat or Hungry House. Oh, and the real kick in the teeth, you’ll be stopped a commission ranging between 10% and 15% on all orders placed to your restaurant through ‘your new website’ i.e. Just Eat or Hungry House.

The question you need to ask yourself as a restaurant or takeaway owner is this. Are you happy to introduce your local customers to a food ordering portal, that will in turn promote your competition and deduct a commission on any orders you receive from them?

So, what are the alternatives?

You can talk to Zirch about a restaurant website which start with no upfront costs and just £11.00 per week. The websites include, food ordering, food delivery, coupons, discounts and much more. Most websites are live within 7 days, are built for you by our in-house team and require absolutely no technical knowledge from you. The simple process at Zirch means you can be up and running in just a few days. Take back control and get your own restaurant website today.

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